‚Äč                   Rescuing Destiny

      -Is a  Charlie's Angel's -inspired Feature Film project being developed by a tiny team

         of veteran independent entertainment writer/director/actors, Christian and CeCe,

          aka ChristianVistaStudios, in Santa Monica, California.

          What would Charlie's Angels look like, forty years after the ABC hit show?

          Other than being blonde and gorgeous, they'd look nothing like Farrah & Co. could have

          imagined: Smart Phones, Social Media, selfies, SNAP CHAT, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK

          forty is the new thirty and the newest evil in the world: human Sex trafficking. 

          Our gorgeous trio, Faith, Hope and Charity have lost their bestie, the fourth Angel,

          Destiny, who, they believe, has been abducted by a Cartel in Mexico. Faith is referred

          to former Navy SEAL, Hash Taggit, who, she's been told, can assemble a crack team

          of Commandos, forming a small Mercenary Army. Hash, not taking Faith seriously,

          gives her a ridiculous quote, just to get her off his back: $50,000,000-to rescue Destiny.

          -Of course, none of the girls can pay his outrageous fee. Then again, what is a best friends

          life worth? Can one even put a price on it?

          On a lark, Faith buys a lotto ticket, never dreaming she'll win, then loses the ticket

          in a new Porsche convertible at a dealer where the trio are dreaming of new cars.

          The next day, the three are shocked to discover that Faith's was the winning ticket

          -but it's gone. At the dealer, they discover the car is sold. Returning home thinking all

          is lost, the phone rings: Hope had left her headshot in the glovebox and the new buyer

          wants to return it to it's rightful owner.

          Now that that simple hurdle has been cleared (winning millions to pay Hash, to rescue

          Destiny) the next step is to hire him and wait...

          Will the Angel's join the team? Will they become proficient enough in Martial

          Arts, to board the Blackhawk invasion of the Cartel compound? Will Destiny

          survive months in captivity?

          Oh the Joys, trials and travails of Modern Angels!