A  H  N  T  A  P

Ahntap ("on -tap") is a worksharing app where Chef' s and Restaurant kitchens become 

Elite Cooking classes with Top Chef’s via entry level jobs, to suitable candidates

drawn from an online community similar to Airbnb. This legally entitles Restaurants

to a pool of "free labor" interns via a binary contract agreement unique to the site.

Cooking students on the site contact a Kitchen or Chef  in the workshare community where they are interested in learning from, or training with, at a cost equivalent to City,

State and Federal minimum wage laws. A contract is agreed to on the site ensuring that all wage laws, codes and standards to be obeyed and honored

For example, John Doe wants to learn Culinary Arts wizardry from Top Chef Jane Smith 

at Cafe’ Smith. Doe signs up for five, four-hour classes at the Cafe @ a cost of $50/class.

After taking the class, Doe pays $250 for the classes via PayPal on the Ahntap site or app,

the $250 is deposited into Smiths account , allowing Cafe’ Smith, to obey all state labor and

wage laws and pay Doe $250 for all hours worked as a part time employee, at Cafe Smith. (Ahntap charges $10 per day for each Student provided to Chef's who are seeking vetted, reliable, dependable, professional part time kitchen help.)

AhnTap is is innovative peer to peer sharing economy solution benefiting both Chef and Student, that will help restaurants survive an industry with incredibly low margins that are threatened even more by looming minimum wage hikes threatening to force them out of business.

Apprentices are booked via the App/Internet Portal where both Chef's and Student rate each other according to their experiences. Professionalism, courtesy, work environment, speed, skill, timeliness and ability are all scored. Students are booked for short term full or half days.

Advantages for both Chef and Student-

Chef's will:
Never again be at the mercy of employees calling in sick, are late or walk out. 
One tap of  the app and a student arrives, ready to learn to peel a sack of potatoes. 
-Have access to a growing roster of local prep cook students.

Culinary Arts Students will: 
-Get to learn from and to break into, the elite Kitchens of Top Chefs, with opportunities impossible anywhere else, working according to their own schedule.
-Home cooks desiring better cooking, menu planning and shopping skills, who don’t have time or money for  expensive Culinary Schools, will have something better-a variety of real work experiences under the tutelage of seasoned food professionals.
-Aspiring Chefs will be able to pick and choose who/where they want to learn from.
-Anyone seeking to economize on their monthly grocery bill will learn efficiency secrets from Restaurants who understand how to buy, prep, freeze and store.