In a cutting edge meeting of Prime Time

    Network TV, Facebook and  Conceptual  

    Art, "It Girl" -Manhattan Socialite/Poet/Artist

    Bunny Cord's Portrait, was painted, on

    camera, from a Facebook Profile Photo,

    for an MSNBC doc.

    Christian, a veteran of the L.A. Art scene,

    has shown in several exhibitions and sold

    almost 200 original works of art; mostly

    Oil on Canvas, his favored medium.


    Highlights of Christian's career

    since the 1990's include:


    -Featured in a Made-for-SHOWTIME

     90 minute Documentary, which Premiered

     at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

    -Featured work in Z-Galerie on Melrose Ave.

    -Featured in Coffee Table book

     Marilyn by Moonlight.

    -Last Gallery solo Exhibition in West L.A.

     attracted 300, entire series was collected.

    -Curated three Group Shows at Cacao, L.A.

    -Collected by Celebs.

    -Painting seen in Photo, in PEOPLE magazine.

     Portrait Fee's:

     Christian's exquisite Portraiture can be

     commissioned, starting at: 

     Full Color, Life Size Oil Portraits...$9,9000

     Deluxe Life Size Oil Portrait Session...$14,999

     Studio provides a day of Spa, Massage,

     Hair & M.U., Stylist, Food, Photo Shoot,

     client picks photo to use as basis for Portrait.   



‚Äč     BOOK NOW! @ 323. 369. 6390


      Luminous, Sparking, Heavenly Apparitions

         of  Pure Beauty, Masterfully Drawn,                         Radiant; reminiscent  of Da Vinci and                       other Italian Renaissance Masters.

    Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo comes alive in an    obvious Labor of Love, an homage to a fellow       Artist who's last work was titled "Viva La Vida."

   Luly Rivas Mitchell, Commissioned by Ian Mitchell.

   French Cover Girl on an over-sized canvas.

     Drypoint Watercolor on 5' x5'  Canvas: Actress Sherilyn Fenn

   Early work includes Monochrome 

   Oil on Canvas Portraits.


     An accomplished Professional Artist in his 3rd

     decade; one of the great Painters of our time,

     it's instantly apparent to anyone viewing

     Christian's Art that here is a rare talent,

     a giant imagination and a unique ability 

     to employ the language of Art.


Elyssa Knight, Commissioned by John Knight