7 Attempts to L.A.  "Hard hitting actioner meets intimate Biopic...

"A simple, faith based testimony explodes into international intrigue in an epic journey of the imagination..."

THE PROJECT: In two decades as an actress in Hollywood, CeCe Christian's been blessed to meet 

many of the top stars of our time.  When Matt Damon personally encouraged her to write from

real life - as he and  Ben Affleck  had done with Good Will Hunting,  his words launched her on

nineteen year co-writing journey that's now resulted in another script with  Academy Award 

winning potential,  7 Attempts to L.A.  As a Christian in faith as well as name,   CeCe feels com-

pelled to give back and has decided to create a non - profit charity alongside the project she's

developing - a never before seen, high profile feature film benefit where all the stars she's met

along the way will be offered cameo roles in a feature film project in development.

LOGLINE: When Faith Golightly is asked to stand-in for Destiny Anna Stone -one of the biggest

female stars in the world,   she steps into a series of international incidents that rocket her

to fame and result in an Epic encounter at the Oscars where one winner will "not go quietly

into her good night"  -as she rages against the dying of the light...