7 Attempts to L.A.  "An Inspiring Journey; a Hilarious Romp..."

"A Post-Modern It's a Wonderful Life; at once dark and edgy yet inspirational and faith based."


Although numerous Pop Stars have done benefit concerts and recordings, there has

yet to be a Hollywood Film benefit for Charity. The ALS Challenge  showed that Americans 

respond to fun, creative ways to give to great causes. We have great script and plans 

to reach out to several  A- list actors, inviting them to make  cameo appearances in our

project, thus birthing a great new source of charitable fund raising. Although we

have a few favorite causes, we're now looking for new partnerships and sponsors.


Based on two decades of Hollywood experience making friends with and/ or working

for, Award winning actors like (in chronological order) Matt Damon, Ben Affleck,

Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock and most recently, Jennifer Aniston,

CeCe Christian spins a riveting yarn of inspiration and redemption that get's all

wrapped up in a brilliant, high-concept, fictional framing device. If that sounds

too complicated, all we can say is, it all gets worked out in the script!