7 Attempts to L.A.  "An Inspiring Journey; a Hilarious Romp..."

"A Post-Modern It's a Wonderful Life; at once dark and edgy yet inspirational and Faith-based."

THE PROJECT: Although numerous Pop Stars have done benefit concerts and recordings,  

 there has  yet to be a Hollywood Film benefit for Charity. The ALS Challenge  showed that

Americans  respond to fun, creative ways to give to great causes. We 're reaching out to 

several  A- list Stars,  with  a great script,  inviting them to make  cameo appearances in 

the Film. We're hoping lots of folks will copy us, starting a new  Movie-Fund raising

trend  in Hollywood.   


LOGLINE: When Faith's dreams of becoming a Movie Star go nowhere, she meets an 

Angel who takes her on a wild, Academy-Award winning ride that ends with a hilarious

Oscar-filibuster speech. Twenty years after Matt Damon encouraged a struggling

actress to write her  own Good Will Hunting, she discovers that

It's a Wonderful Life, after all.