​​7  A t t e m p t s  t o  L. A.

Rough Cut- 7 Attempts to L.A., Pitch Trailer​ c2016 ChristianVistaStudios


      LOGLINE:  When all hell is breaking loose in a real life fairy tale, a modern day Cinderella

     decides she can wait no longer for a fairy godmother to transform her life. 

     Armed with a pen as her magic wand, she writes her own destiny:

         When the staR  Destiny Anna Stone, is abducted from  cast & crew Van in a remote desert location 

          her Cinderella Photo-double/Stand-in must finish a movie that will be nominated for an Oscar. 


        THE PROJECT:  -was inspired by Matt Damon's 1995 Melrose dinner party suggestion to "write a script based on

        your life."  Like Damon's Good Will Huntingcharacter,  CeCe Christian was struggling to leave her home town,

        go  west, find herself -and her acting career. Twenty years later, with no happy ending in sight, this modern day

        Cinderella realizes she must write her own happy ending taking her to the Ball and re-connecting her with her

        handsome Princes, all of whom are amongst the most known and loved actors of our time.


       CeCe's first trip to "the Ball" was serendipitous: within a year of  arriving in L.A., she befriended four rising stars 

       who went on to become four of the biggest names in Hollywood: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck,  Leo DiCaprio  and

       her Miracle Mile neighbor, Jared Leto. That first trip to "the Ball" however, ended abruptly when CeCe was called

       back home to Texas to deal with her Mom's cancer. After that, she endured a decade of being married to another

       victim of his own bad PRBut divorce didnt solve her problems either. It was the epiphany that every life is a story

       and that we have the power to write/edit our own life stories that began to change her life and that sharing this

       knowledge will turn around millions of other such lives stuck in drudgery, depression, addiction and suicide:-this

       then, is the powerful, inspiring and Life Saving message of 7 LA. 


    "These writers have some chops" -Stefan Gray, Former Lit agent for Q. Tarantino

   "Loved it, I'm in." -Sally Kirkland -1990 Golden Globe winner, "Best Actress"

   "Nicely written, many congrats!" -Dir. Phil Traill,  All About Steve, Fresh off the Boat

   "Great job!"  -K.D., Knotts Landing star.

 "Love the script- the way I like to write!" Corey Goines, Cinematographer-writer.

 "Some great stuff in there." SuSu, Happy Hour Films.

  "Fun read, great story, I enjoyed reading it." Bruce, Entertainment Business Lawyer

  "Brilliant script!" -Bimpe, Movie Fan, Houston Texas

  "Great work, congrats!" -Mina, SAG Actress, Brentwood, CA

  "Excellent writing." DeAnna, SAG actress, North Hollywood, CA

  "Loved it, am totally behind this idea." Ernie, SAG actor, Los Angeles, CA